Andy Hao

Engineering Leader, Cat Herder, and Wearer of Many Hats in San Francisco Bay Area

I make people laugh (at least most of the time), and I'm often told that I have a contagious smile! ;)

Of my various talents, I'm also a full-time professional cat herder, frequently a master project juggler, sometimes a wearer of many hats, and formerly the CTO at I've been at since late 2010 and it's been an amazing ride! We were acquired by AOL in Dec. 2010, four days before our official launch, and later raised funds to spin back out in 2013.

In my 25+ years of experience, it seems like I've seen it all. I've worked for the government, corporations, and many, startups. I've been a part of three failed startups, two acquisitions, one merger, one IPO, and one spin-out!

I've had many roles in my career: Systems Administrator, Programmer, QA/DevOps/Release/Engineering Manager, and Tech Leader. I've overseen remote teams distributed across up to 6 different time zones. These different roles have allowed me to acquire and hone the necessary skills to help multi-disciplinary teams successfully develop and deliver great products.

I have a passion for creating, building, and mentoring great teams with that secret-sauce team dynamics that makes a company culture special. With such a kick-ass team, we're able to continuously deploy scalable, high-performant, cloud based web applications - taking into account best practices from design to development to infrastructure.

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    • Formerly CTO @
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    • University of Tennessee
    • Santa Clara University